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Visiting the castel
Visiting the castel

One discovers parts agreeably arranged and profiting from a furniture of quality which follows the family and her history.

A History which mixes with the French history.
Although becoming a BARONNIE in 1579, the lords of AUZERS consider that the only true nobility is the nobility of the heart, it is because of this principle of life that even at the time of the hardest moments of the Revolution, they will be protected by the villagers.

Today the visit is marvelously told by the descendants of these villagers.

At the time of this visit one starts with the living rooms located on the 1st floor, the atmosphere is engaging there and pleasant and that thanks to the woodworks, the furniture “Regency”, well arranged and in the many exposed tables.

While descending the spiral staircase one arrives in one of the only parts of the XIV ème Siècle accessible to the public.
It is the current dining room center of life of the Castle. One feels a very particular environment then, at the bottom of this immense arched part one contemplates a chimney out of the commun run. While throwing a glance on the sides, one realizes incredible thickness of the walls.

Trunks and cupboards decorated with a daisy make us realize that we are in High Auvergne, however here it reigns a user-friendliness and the desire for passing to table to crunch the bread and salt between friends, with the feeling to be caught for the Masters of the places.

Then one changes time into assembling some steps to enter the part added to XVème Siècle. A beautiful surprise awaits you while arriving in the oratory dedicated to Santiago de Compostela (AUZERS is located on the road of the pélerinage). This part releases a single serenity induced by admirable murals of XVIème Siècle. These paintings are classified "Monuments historiques" in France : a part of the french Patrimoine . Their origins and their discoveries belong to the secrecies of this family.
Incredible nowadays.


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